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Dec. 2014


NCGR Monthly Astrology Meetings
(The first Friday of the month each month)

7:00PM - 9:00 PM
$5 members or $7 non members
At the Nic Nac Nook Bookstore

Join this knowledgeable group of astrologers the first Friday of each month for a lively discussion and sharing of astrological information. A speaker is scheduled each month with informative and interesting topics.

Upcoming meetings:

Friday Dec. 5, 2014

Please note that the NCGR Group will not meet in Jan. or Feb., 2015. They will meet in March, 2015.

Astrology Lab

Meets the 2nd Thursday of the Month

7 PM to 9 PM, $10 

This is an astrology focused discussion group facilitated by Jim Trader, professional astrologer. A different attendee chosen topic is explored each month. Jim begins the discussion with his own expertise regarding the topic, and attendees are encouraged to contribute as well. Lively dialogue is the result, and topic centered questions are welcome. This group is intended to be both educational and fun for those with an astrogical interest. See Jim's website at:

THURSDAY Dec. 11TH is the next meeting.

Spiritual Gathering, Teaching, & Sharing Group

This group is for anyone wishing to share on a spiritual level with others. The topic is whatever and wherever Spirit leads the group, and all are welcome. Healing, teaching, and meditation. The group is facilitated by Vita Ludlum. The group meets Sundays from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon, and donations for the room are appreciated.

Psychic Development Class I.

4 wk. class begins Sat. Nov.9; 9AM to Noon

Offered by Madeline Huggins; $150 for 4 weeks

We're all psychic. Learn tools to prove it. You will learn grounding techniques for making the inner connection between your mind, body and spirit. Learning to understand, read, and define the natural protective boundary of your aura. Know and read your chakra's and how they work .Through visualization techniques, you can establish compatible and productive relationships, ridding yourself of old, unworkable, and destructive patterns of behavior. Learning how to redirect your emotions through this simple meditation can benefit your life, bringing a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. This is a fun and interactive class. Call to RSVP by Nov. 7th 303-922-9063.


Free Meditation Classes

Sat. Dec. 6; Sat. Dec. 20, 1-2PM

Facilitated by Ann Masters

Do you want to develop spiritually, or do you simply wish to find greater peace in the chaos of the world around you? These meditation classes are open to those with all levels of meditation experience, from beginning to advanced. A daily practice of meditation will help you to decompress from the daily stresses of life in a balanced and orderly way, and will directly affect society for the better. Ann has had many years of active meditation and spiritual development and she will be pleased to share this knowledge with you. Various styles of meditation will be covered such as chanting, color visualization, and affirmative meditation. Your regular participation in active meditation, privately or in a group setting, will make a positive difference in your life and in our world. Please join us! Donation gratefully accepted. For more info call Ann at (303) 238-1213.

Sips & Psychics

Invite 5 or 10 of your friends over for wine and a psychic reading. This is a great idea for the upcoming holiday period! Only $39.95 per person, and the reading is with Madeline Huggins, psychic and medium. Call (303) 726-1983 for more information or to schedule.


Spirit Card Writings--If you have not attended one of these unique groups, this is definitely something you will not want to miss! Rev. Robinette has someone in the group open a pack of 3 x 5 blank index cards, and then layers them in a basket with pens, pencils, crayons, etc. The basket is then covered and Rev. Robinette goes around the group giving each participant a message or answer to a question from someone on the other side. When Spirit is finished the basket is opened, and there is a beautiful drawing for each person, with their name and the name of their guides on the reverse side! A truly unbelievable experience! Some of this artwork continues to manifest for several days after the event, and several participants have confirmed this with their own unique pieces!

Silk Paintings

Silk paintings begin with a blindfold billet where each participant asks a question and receives an answer from Spirit. Then each participant has a piece of silk placed on his or her lap, the room is darkened, and Rev. Robinette continues to provide messages from loved ones or guides on the other side, as Spirit does their work on these pieces of silk. When the lights come on, your piece of silk has many faces painted on it! These are faces of family and guides.

limited to 16 people, must be pre-paid, no refunds.

Private Sessions

A limited number of private appointments are available with Rev. Robinette. These sessions are 30 minutes, and the cost is $90. Please book in advance so as not to be disappointed. Must be pre-paid, no refunds. Private sessions will be available. No evening appointments available. Last reading each day is at 2:20 PM.

Call the store at (303) 922-9063 to reserve your spot at a session or for a reading.

We want to thank each and every one of our customers for their loyal support and their help in keeping us in business for 48 years. Without you, we wouldn't be here!


Do you feel unwanted energy around you?

Would you like to get rid of it or find out more about why it is there? Call the store for a qualified person do a Clearing. The fee is only $50, and it generally takes about an hour. Negative energies are often the reason things just don't go right for you, or you find yourself 'in the dumps' all the time. You'll agree it's worth it to have your space cleared and clean! Call the store to find out more.

Massage by Sheilah Graham--What a treat!

Call her at (303) 807-0099 to make an appointment

Best Deep Tissue Massage in Denver!

                                                           Janet Hart, MA                                                                 

Counseling Services

Psycho-emotional Kinesiology

I use your body's innate knowledge to gently tap into imbalance in Body/Mind/Spirit, create positive intentions, and anchor them in for permanent growth and transformation. To schedule an individual session, please call:

Office--(303) 279-7596            Cell: (303) 324-5096