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Have a Better Understanding

At Nic Nac Nook Metaphysical Book Store in Denver, CO, we provide many services

Space Available

We have a meeting room available with table, chairs, and chalkboard. All information on the class and any supplies you would like our store to carry must be given to use by the 15th of the month before the class is scheduled. This will allow us to get the information about your class out to the public as soon as possible as well as allow us to order the supplies need for the class. The fee for using the meeting room will be $50 for the first hour, and $25 for every additional hour. The first hour is the room rental in addition to setting up the room and taking it down after every class.

The benefits for using Nic Nac to host your event are as follows:

1. We will post your class on our ever-growing Facebook page.(we will charge an extra $10 if you would like us to boost your event for more people to see on Facebook.)

2. We will send it out in our Newsletter twice a month.( one at the first of the month and the second on the fifteenth of the month)

3. All chairs, tables, will be supplied. We have expanded so we are now able to do bigger classes. The biggest room fits 40 people and the old room fits 25 people comfortably.

4. WIFI will be available upon request.

NOTE: you will still have to do some leg work by providing fliers, information on the class and a list of specific materials you would like us to order for you by the fifteenth of the month. otherwise you will have to reschedule the class for a later date. You will also be in charge of taking ALL payments unless discussed before hand. A down payment of half the total cost will be needed to make sure the room will be available for you by the appropriate date( this can be refunded to you at any time). If you decide to cancel the class after a weeks notice then you will be subjected to pay a $25 cancelation fee that will NOT be refunded.  

Pricing for Class Room

1 hour


2 hour


3 hours


4 hours


5 hours +

$125.00 Capped

Meet ups and Events 

We host a wide variety of Meet ups and events. Check our Events and Workshops tab for more information on the events we will be hosting month to month.

If you have any ideas on classes we should have or if you are interested in hosting your very own class at the Nic Nac please visit the contact tab to message us about your class.

Aura Camera

Take advantage of our Aura camera that can capture your aura on film from that moment in time. For $20 you will be able to get a picture taken and interpreted by Madeline. If you get 2 photos taken on the same day then the 2nd photo will be only $10.

House Clearings

House clearings are $125 for the first hour and $75 for every hour after that. Our specialists will take the trip to your home or office and give a thorough clearing and blessing. Call today to schedule your appointment. We have at least 2 practitioners that can clear and bless any space.